Vets First Choice – Complete Online Pharmacy

We enjoy the opportunity to visit with you all in our clinic but we understand that, with busy schedules, sometimes having medications shipped directly to your door can be a huge time saver. In order to help you keep your pets healthy,
and on the highest quality medications, we now offer an online pharmacy!

Not all pharmacies are created equal! What makes our online pharmacy unique?
Did you know that if you buy a prescription through a non-veterinary outlet the manufacturer support stops with that sale? For example, if you buy a prescription flea medication at the local grocery store or from an online pharmacy you have no guarantee that the product isn’t counterfeit and have no support if your pet would have a reaction to the product or if the product doesn’t work. If you get product from a licensed veterinarian however, even through our online pharmacy, you get the full backing of the company that makes the product. This could mean them covering health care costs if your pet has a reaction, replacing lost product or even paying to have your home professionally flea treated if there is product failure. You will also know that the product is 100% real and comes directly from the manufacturer.

What other perks does our online pharmacy have?
-Get FREE SHIPPING on all non-food orders with no minimum purchase!
-Get FREE SHIPPING on all food orders just by signing up for Auto-Ship!
-Get 10% off of compounds with Auto-Ship!