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Hello all and welcome to our first blog post!   I don’t think that 3 months ago anyone could have guessed that today our world would look so vastly different.  With all of the uncertainty going on we have gotten a lot of calls and questions lately asking if we are still open.  We just wanted to assure you that our office hours have not changed and we are still here to serve you and your pets!  Some things have changed though.  At the recommendation of the American Veterinary Medical Association we are continuing to offer care to pets that are sick but are postponing scheduling new wellness appointments for a few more weeks.  We have the ultimate goal of keeping our patients, clients and staff as safe as possible so we wanted to share what you can do to help in this effort.
-If your pet is on Purina Diets consider having your food delivered directly to your house for free from Purina through our online store…
-If you need a refill of medication please call ahead. You can pay for your prescription over the phone and we will deliver it directly to your car when you arrive to pick it up. You can also have prescriptions delivered to you for free from our online pharmacy
-We encourage people to check in via their phones when they are in the parking lot and we will escort you directly into your exam room when your room is ready.  We will be taking your pets medical history over the phone when you check in.
-When you come in for your scheduled appointment please do not bring any extra people with you. We understand that sometimes you will need to bring young children but refrain from bringing any additional adults to your appointment.
-If you are not feeling well and have an upcoming appointment we ask that you call and reschedule.
-Soap is located in our bathrooms and all exam rooms so please wash your hands regularly and use social distancing when within the clinic.

We want to thank all our clients for their understanding during this complicated time. Jefferson Animal Clinic is dedicated to offering your pets the best care possible and we will work hard to keep you all updated as to how COVID-19 is effecting the veterinary community and your pets!